Bond Music podcast looks at “Six of the Best” from The Man With the Golden Gun.

The second episode of the OHMS Podcast Bond Music show: 6 of the Best is online. Join co-hosts Alan J. Porter & Jarrod Alberich, through the history of the James Bond film soundtracks. This episode’s session is all about THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN.

Jarrod has the lead on this episode where the lads will provide factoids and discussion on the main title song, 6 of their favorite tracks (hence the title of the podcast), and a bonus remix…maybe more!  The numbering scheme may get thrown into chaos!

How close to James Bond Island did Alan get? What late 90’s electronic/dance group actually mined this soundtrack to make a fun, dance floor jam? And what about that slide whistle?

Tune in & find out!

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