Anthony Horowitz (2015 – 2018)

Trigger Mortis (2015): Bond is assigned to protect a British racing driver from an attack by the Russians during a Grand Prix. As a consequence he encounters Jason Sin, a Korean with a grudge against the USA who has plans to trigger a bomb under New York and make it look like it was caused by a missile test gone wrong, thereby halting the US space program. (Note: This story takes place immediately after the events of Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger) [TMn]

Forever and a Day (2018) – Bond investigates the killing of the previous man designated 007 and resumes his final mission: determine what is behind the sudden lack of drug activity in the Corsican underworld. In the south of France he meets Joanne “Sixtine / Madame 16” Brochet, a freelance adventurer who leads him to Corsican mob boss Jean-Paul Scipio. Bond and madame 16 eventually uncover a plan by Scipio and his partner, American multi-millionaire named Irwin Wolfe, to flood the US with their manufactured heroin. (Note: This story takes place prior to the events in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale) [FAADn]

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