More Bond Reads

This week we’ve added just over 30 new titles to the James Bond Lexicon online bookstore. We now stock 170 different titles covering the various aspects of the worlds of Bond and Ian Fleming.

You can check it out right HERE, and remember that all sales from our online store go to support your local independent bookstore.

Checking Out the Big Band Sound of Zero-Zero-Seven

In the latest Bond Music: Six of the Best episode on Jarrod and Alan check out another set of sounds from the 101 Strings studio with their big-band sound album James Bond Thrillers! featuring music from Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and Goldfinger, plus an assortment of original tunes inspired by the world of Bond. Come join us for some pulstaing fun with music from another dimension right HERE.

Rogue Discussion on No Time To Die

The members of the On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast Rogue Agents team have had eighteen months to contemplate the events of No Time To Die. So has time and multiple viewings (for some) changed their opinions on Daniel Craig’s 007 swansong? You can find out HERE and join us for what turned out to be a deep, and at times, quite personal discussion.

Six of the Best Goes Easy Listening with 007

In the latest edition Bond Music: Six of the Best show Jarrod and Alan relax with the easy-listening sounds of The Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra, probably one of the most successful soundtrack orchestras that you have never heard of. Come join us as we puzzle over a mysterious “Dr. No” track, while geeking out to an exciting version of OHMSS that makes us wish there had been a 1970s-style Bond cartoon show. You can check out the fun HERE.

Plumbing the Depths of Our 007 Knowledge

Recently the On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast Rogue Agents decided to publicly display the depths of our Bond movie-related ignorance with a live Bond Trivia show. – You can watch a repeat of the whole live stream on YouTube HERE, or listen to the official Podcast version HERE if you want to play along, or just discover which team came out on top.

The Sounds of 007 – If Only We’d Been There

Back in October 2022, a special 60th Anniversary concert entitled The Sounds of 007 was held at the Royal Albert Hall. While Alan and Jarrod wished they could have been there with fellow Bond fans to enjoy the event, they instead decided to watch the Amazon Prime show that featured selected highlights, and talk about it on the latest Bond Music: Six of the Best episode. As a bonus, actor John Moss, and writer Ajay Chowdhury shared their thoughts on what it was like to be there on the night. – You can catch the whole discussion HERE.

The Ultimate Six of The Best Episode?

Over the holiday season we decided to do something a bit different for our Bond Music: Six of the Best Episode. Instead of two people picking six tracks from one album – how about four people picked eight tracks from an album that consisted of four discs? Surely the “ultimate” episode.

The album in question was the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra‘s excellent “The Ultimate James Bond Music Collection” box set. To tackle this extensive retrospective of 007 music Alan and Jarrod were joined by guests Luis Pachon and Matt Raubenheimer.

You can check out which tracks we each selected right HERE.

Six of the Best tunes to read James Bond by.

In the latest episode of the James Bond: Six of the Best podcast, Jarrod and Alan discuss what they listen to when reading Bond stories as we dive into the two-volume “Music To Read James Bond To” vinyl album series from 1965 and 1966. Does one album score over the other, and just what is the Bond connection with some of the track titles? You can follow the discussion, and listen to our track picks HERE.

NEW – 007 Article Archive

Between 2019 and 2022 I wrote a series of articles on various aspects of James Bond for the Hero Collector website owned and operated by a company called Eaglemoss. Unfortunately, Eaglemoss went out of business in 2022 and the website was shut down, meaning that those articles were no longer available online.

So I have decided to add a new 007 Articles section to the James Bond Lexicon to provide an archive of the Hero Collector articles plus a selection of other Bond-related writing.

The first article, Bond: Born In Jamacia (first published in June 2019) is now available.