John Gardner (1981-1996)

License Renewed (1981) – After a reorganization M manages to retain Bond as his troubleshooter and sends him to investigate Dr. Anton Murick, Bond acting a mercenary gets taken on by Murick. Bond discovers that Murick, thwarted in his plans to develop a special type of power plant, plans to hijack six nuclear power plants around the world and hold the worlds to ransom to fund his dream power plant. [LRn]
For Special Services (1982) – Bond teams up with CIA agent Cedar Leiter (daughter of Felix Leiter) after its discovered that SPECTRE is back in action and intends to take over NORAD to control the USA satellite system. [FSSn]
Icebreaker (1983) – Bond is reluctantly teamed with agents from the CIA, MOSSAD and the KGB to stop the NSAA (National Socialist action Group) who seem determined to wipe out all communists and bring back the Nazi regime under the control of Count Konrad von Glöda, under many double and triple crosses the KGB are hoping to capture Bond. [ICEn]
Role of Honor (1984) – To enable Bond to infiltrate an organization that is pulling off outrageous robberies he resigns under murky circumstances from the service after his uncle leaves him a substantial legacy. Bond discovers the robberies were test runs for software that will be used by Ramil Tahani now head of SPECTRE to access the Presidents of the US access codes to deactivate all the nuclear weapons in the USA leaving Russia with full nuclear capabilities. [ROHn]
Nobody Lives Forever (1986) – There is a competition on to deliver Bond’s head on a silver platter and win ten million Swiss francs set up by Ramil Tahani who Bond tangled with in Role of Honor, he is dying and his last wish is Bonds head. [NLFEn]
No Deals, Mr. Bond (1987) – Bond is called in to investigate the deaths of two female agents he had rescued from Russia many years ago. They were part of a honey trap mission that fell apart when one was spotted. Now General Chernov is eliminating all the members of the team. Bond is off the clock on this mission, he is the main target of the KGB to capture and kill. [NDMBn]
Scorpius (1988) – After the assassinations by human bombs of politicians Bond is sent to investigate the Meek Ones, run by Father Valentine/Scorpius. He mind washes people to follow his orders blindly, his aim to cause political chaos and sell his creations to the highest bidders. [SCORPn]
Win, Lose or Die (1989) – Bond is returns to active duty as a Captain in the Royal Navy to help foil a plan by BAST (Brotherhood of Anarchy and Secret Terror ) to kidnap and hold the leaders of Russia, the United Kingdom and the USA to ransom. [WLODn]

License To Kill (1989) – Movie novelization – see movie listing for plot summary. [LTKmn]
Brokenclaw (1990) – Bond and a Chinese agent, Chi-Chi are sent in undercover to stop the sale of LORDS and LORDS DAY (submarine tracking and masking) to the Chinese by Lee Brokenclaw. Brokenclaw is part American Indian and he was quietly resettling tribes to build himself a very loyal army. [BCLAWn]
The Man From Barbarossa (1991) – After the kidnapping of an old man in the USA Bond and a Mossad agent, Pete Natkwoski, are sent in to Russia to impersonate members of The Scales of Justice, thought to be a terrorist group trying to force the Russian government to the embarrassment of holding a war crimes trial. Bond discovers it’s a front by a Russian General to cover his tracks to take out the President and take over Russia to bring it back to the old ways. [MFBn]
Death Is Forever (1992) – Bond is brought in to investigate the deaths of members of Cabal, a spy ring that disbanded themselves when the Berlin wall came down. Bond discovers the deaths are revenge by Wolfgang Weisen, ex-deputy at the East German Foreign Intelligence Agency. It also covers his main aim, which is to kill all the heads of government as they take the inaugural train journey through the Eurotunnel allowing him and his team to take over Europe and bring it under the rule of the old East German regime. [DIFn]
Never Send Flowers (1993) – After four seemingly unrelated murders, one of them being a SIS agent Bond is sent to investigate David Dragonpol, a famous retired actor, who has been under surveillance by several countries. Bond teams up with a Swiss agent, Frederica Von Grusse. Bond discovers that David Dragonpol is insane and enjoys planning and executing the murders of random, but mostly famous, people. The team race against time to stop him assassinating Princess Diana and her two sons at Euro Disney. [NSFn]
Seafire (1994) – After MI6 is reorganized Bond now runs a department that reports to a committee and can act for any part of the government. M, now part of the committee, is contacted by the accountant of Sir Maxwell Tarn, an enormously rich business man to say he has proof that Sir Maxwell is an arms dealer. Bond and Flicka are sent after Sir Maxwell and discover his plans to create an incident he helps fix to enable him to use his readopted German citizenship to become the Chancellor of Germany and bring back the Nazi regime. [SEAFn]

GoldenEye (1995) – Movie novelization – see movie listing for plot summary. [GEYEmn]
Cold Fall (aka COLD) (1996) – a two part story starts in 1990 with the explosion of a plane as it lands at Dulles airport, Bond is sent to investigate and bumps into Principessa Suki Tempesta, shortly after it looks like she has been killed by a car bomb, introducing Bond and M to the Tempestas as criminals and their work with COLD to take over the USA, going back to the old days of an “eye for an eye”, Bond gets involved with trying to lure them to the USA from Italy but M gets kidnapped instead, Bond rescues him and their involvement with COLD ends until 1994 when Bond is contacted by an old friend Breatice di Rossa that she needs his help, between them and with the help of the FBI and the Italian forces they stop COLD. [COLDn]