Lexicon Updates: – A –

ALFA ROMEO GIULA – High-performance sports sedan used by Blofeld when in Greece. Equipped with forward-firing missiles. Driven by Bond after Blofeld sustained a leg injury during an attack by Titania Jones. [AOScb]

ARABA – Nigerian defense minister who contracted with arms dealer and developer Anton Banes for a supply of his new Viper handgun. Was shot by Banes when he refused to pay the requested price [JBHcb]

ARCHITECT – A Russian SMERSH asset at the highest levels in the UK establishment. He managed a central slush fund of laundered money that was distributed to compromised officials in the UK government. After the network was silenced he was marked for elimination. The Architect was revealed to be Sir Cecil (last name unknown), the Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee [RODAcb].

AS-852-XZ – French license plate on Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 during a trip to Paris [BIGcb].

ASHANTI – Assistant to arms dealer Anton Banes [JBHcb]