Lexicon Updates: – A –

A 4289 00: Registration of Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 when in Italy. [NTTDm]

ALFA ROMEO GIULA – High-performance sports sedan used by Blofeld when in Greece. Equipped with forward-firing missiles. Driven by Bond after Blofeld sustained a leg injury during an attack by Titania Jones. [AOScb]

ARABA – Nigerian defense minister who contracted with arms dealer and developer Anton Banes for a supply of his new Viper handgun. Was shot by Banes when he refused to pay the requested price [JBHcb]

ARAGVI – Soviet and Russian restaurant on Tverskaya Street in Moscow that specialized in Georgian and Caucasian cuisine, and was known as the KGB’s favorite restaurant. Bond and Katya Leonova had a romantic expensive dinner there all charged to Colonel Boris’s account [WAMTKn]

ARANOV, IVAN – The Russian agent originally chosen by the group known as Stalnaya Ruka to carry out their assassination plan, until he was replaced by what they believed to be a brainwashed James Bond. As a final test Aranov was sent to kill Bond by setting up a meeting in which Aranov pretended to be the British undercover agent known by the codename Zephyr. During the confrontation Aranov managed to trick Bond into revealing that he was acting undercover against Russian interests. Realizing the error Bond eventually killed Aranov and threw his body under a passing underground train [WAMTKn].

ARCHITECT – A Russian SMERSH asset at the highest levels in the UK establishment. He managed a central slush fund of laundered money that was distributed to compromised officials in the UK government. After the network was silenced he was marked for elimination. The Architect was revealed to be Sir Cecil (last name unknown), the Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee [RODAcb].

ARMALITE AR-10 – The type of semi-automatic rifle used by the group of Irish Nationalists employed by Stalnaya Ruka to free Bond from secret service custody believing him to still be a Russian asset [WAMTKn]

AS-852-XZ – French license plate on Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 during a trip to Paris [BIGcb].

ASH, LOGAN: Agent of the US State Department assigned to work with Felix Leiter to track down the bio-chemist Dr Orbuchev, During the debriefing session on the CIA’s trawler Ash tried to stop Bond asking too many questions, but a questioning glance from Orbuchev revealed that Ash is also working for the same man that Orbuchev is (Safin). In the ensuing fight Ash shot Lieter, and trapped Bond in the ship’s engine room before planting a limpet mine to sink the ship, He and Orbuchev escaped in the sea plane that Bond had used to rendezvous with the trawler. Ash later recruited former Spetcre bodyguard Primo to work for Safin. While chasing Bond through the Norwegian forest the Land Rover that Ash was riding in was pitched into a barrel roll and Ash was thrown clear. Despite his pleadings, Bond pushed the precariously balanced car down onto the wounded Ash in revenge for Felix Leiter’s killing. [NTTDm]

ASHANTI – Assistant to arms dealer Anton Banes [JBHcb]

ASTON MARTIN DB5 (Update) : Q-branch equipped classic sports car driven by James Bond as a personal vehicle. Equipment includes digital registration plate (showing Italian registration A 4289 00), mini ball grenades, bullet proof glass capable of withstanding point blank shotgun blasts as well a machine gun and small arms fire, rotating gattling guns behind the headlights, smoke screen. [NTTDm]

ASTON MARTIN DBS: (Registration KY19 KHO) Car driven by Nomi (007) in which she collects Bond in Norway and drives him to the Orland NATO base. [NTTDm]

ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE: (Registration B549 WUU): James Bond’s private vehicle kept under wraps in a private lock-up in London. Later passed into the hands of Madeline Swan. [NTTDm]

ASTON MARTIN VALHALLA: Next generation Aston Martin supercar seen briefly in a wind tunnel in Q’s lab. Its purpose remains unknown [NTTDm]

AUSTER 5 AUTOCRAT  – Lightweight 3-seater aircraft used to fly Bond out of England by Stalnaya Ruka believing him to still be a brainwashed Russian asset [WAMTKn]