Lexicon Updates: – B –

BANK CARD -When pressed against a phone it can clone the phone and replicate the SIM card [BIGcb].

BIG, MR. – (aka Bonaparte Ignace Gallia) The head of the Gallia organization. Familiar with Bond (In a previous meeting Bond had defeated Big, destroyed his organization and left him to drown or be eaten by local sea life). As a consequence he held personal grudge against Bond. As a reminder of his failure Big surrounded himself with dangerous big fish, including having a  large number of tanks in his New York residence. Bond uses a shard of glass from a broken tank to stab him. Bond then allowed Big to escape so he could be tracked [BIGcb].

BLUE HOUSE – An informal reference to Cheongwadae, the executive office and official residence of the Republic of Korea’s head of state [RODAcb]

BOND, JAMES (#28) – (additional information) – During his early career as a dounble-o agent was mentored in the field by 003. May have been in a romantic relationship with Moneypenny at some point. Widower, deceased wife’s name was Teresa. Had a close mentoring relationship with Felix Leiter’s youngest daughter Kelsey [RODAcb]

BRUCHARD – KGB agent who attened the mooring rope for the hot air balloon meeting between the KGB and IRA over an arms deal. When Bond came across the set-up he disabled Bruchard and cut the mooring rope for th balloon [WCcs].

BYKOV, IGOR – Russian agent who was expecting to buy a NOC list of British agents from consulate employee Mary Rogers-Clarke. Was shot by Bond at the sale [RODAcb].