Lexicon Updates: – C –

CARRERE, VICTOR – Philanthropist that had suspected connections to the Deadly Whispers eco-terrorist group [BIGcb].

CHEKOV, ARTYOM NIKOLAYEVICH – A Russian trade energy attache who was in fact a suspected SMERSH agent. He had been sent to LOndon to eliminate the asset known only as “Architect.” After he realized he was under observation he lured Bond into a confrontation. During the fight Chekov was shot with his own gun by an unknown third party [RODAcb].

CLARK, HARLAN – Co-owner of a security company in partnership with SPECRE agent Titania Jones. Killed by Bond in a firefight after Bond broke into his house [AOScb]

COLLIER, HARRY  – The owner at Gallant Transport, who arranged for  the Rothko at the Dayton Art Museum to be swapped for a fake. He owned villa in Amsterdam filled with impressive art collection, including the original Rothko. Was eventually revealed to be part of Mr. Big’s Gallia organization [BIGcb].

CRAFT – Attractive CIA agent who threw herself into Bond’s path avoiding a scooter, and then manipulated Bond into disabling Russian Brotherhood killer Ivor Turgenev before her CIA team took him into custody. She and Bond then consummated their interrupted dinner date [RODAcb].