Lexicon Updates: – D –

DAVIES, RUPERT  – Arrogant wealthy owner of several works of modern art including the Rothko reportedly stolen from the Dayton Keen Museum [BIGcb].

DAVEY – Kelsey Leiter’s scruffy boyfriend, and prom date who Bond tidied up by buying him new clothes and a suit [RODAcb].

DAYTON KEEN MUSEUM  – An English art museum where Rupert Davies’s accused of losing his Rothko painting and switching it with a fake [BIGcb].

DEADLY WHISPERS – Eco-terrorist group [BIGcb].

DELECTADO (update): Felix Leiter left the stub of a Delectado cigar in Bond’s house in Jamaica as an indication that he wanted to meet. [NTTDm]

DIAMANT – The  code word given to Bond by the Russian to use to identify himself to other agents [WAMTKn]

DIMITRI – Technical and electronics expert in residence at Blofeld’s home on the Greek island of Meraki [AOScb]

DOU DOU: Mathilde Swann’s favorite toy, a floppy knitted rabbit, that she took everywhere with her. Bond found it during his final moments on Safin’s Poison Garden island and carried it with him to the moment of his death as a memento if his newly found family. [NTTDm]

DR 49087L: Registration of Range Rover driven by Safin’s thugs. [NTTDm]

DRAGUNOV SVD – Semi-automatic marksman’s sniper rifle. One, along with a PSO-1 scope with 4x magnification, rangefinder, and infrared detector, was issued to Bond by Colonel Boris in anticipation of his special mission in East Berlin [WAMTKn]