Lexicon Updates: – G –

G7852 – Registration of Triumph Scrambler motorcycle ridden by Primo, and then Bond, in Matera [NTTDm]

GALLANT TRANSPORT – Transport company used by the Dayton Keen Museum that was involved with the switch of stolen artwork for fakes. Also a known front for blackmail [BIGcb].

GALLIA  – Mr. Big’s organization that used fake artwork as a way to smuggle blueprints of specialized weapons. Known to have connections to the Deadly Whispers eco-terrorist group [BIGcb].

GARFINKEL, HAL (cont’d) – A member of the Teamsters Union with mafia connections who was on the train that Bond destroyed at Scaramaga’s estate. Was flown to Moscow to help identify Bond as ‘Mark Hazard.’ He was wined and dined and supplied with girls while staying at the Hotel Lenigradskaya. However the man he later failed to identify the man he saw at the door of Bond’s hotel suite as the same man he’d seen in Jamaica. Garfinkel later suffered a mysterious heart attack on his way to the airport [WAMTKn]

GERT – A member of the Belgian resistance cell that Bond worked with when planning to derail an armaments train. Gert was killed when the group walked into a sniper trap [ATTCcb].

GRAVES, MR. – Driver and bodyguard for the Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee who was in fact an under-cover MI6 agent [RODAcb].

GREEN FOUR – The code number of the secret service agent who acted as the butler at the Blaydon safe house. He was rendered unconscious following a vicious fight with Necros in the Blaydon kitchens. [TLDm]

GRUBOZABOYSCHIKOV, NICHOLAI, GENERAL (cont’d) – (aka General G) Former head of SMERSH and Hero of the Soviet Union for his part in the Defence of Moscow and the Capture of Berlin during World War II. Was disgraced and fell out of favor for the failure of a SMERSH plan to discredit British Intelligence. Re-emerged as the nominal head of an organization called Stalnaya Ruka, Steel Hand. General G flew to East Berlin under the pretense of giving Bond his final orders for his planned mission and used the occasion to physically assault and humiliate Bond  [WAMTKn]