Lexicon Updates: – H –

HAPPENSTANCE: The name of James Bond’s boat during his retirement in Jamaica [NTTDm]

HARDY, DOCTOR: Bio-chemist at the Heracles facility in London who worked alongside Dr. Obruchev. Was one of the two people, along with Obruchev who had the authority to access the bio-weapon. Was shot by the Spectre agent known as Primo after they had accessed the weapon. [NTTDm]

HARLING – Typesetter who taught Vivian Michaels the importance of fonts at the start of her career [SWLMn]

HARRINGTON, DIRECTOR – Head of the National Central Bureau that contacted M after Bond caused the collapse of Gallant Transport and uncovered its illegal trade in secret arms plans [BIGcb].

HARRISON – Secret Service agent who guarded the main entrance of the River View safe house [WAMTKn]

HEINRICH-HEINE-STRASSE- Location of the checkpoint in the Berlin Wall where Bond crossed from East to West following the aborted assassination attempt on the man in Seat 12 [WAMTKn]

HELLSWORTH PRISON – Secure facility in the UK where secret service prisoners are held and debriefed [RODAcb].

HERACLES: The codename for a secret bio-weapon research program overseen by M for ten years. The Heracles weapon was designed to target individuals through DNA mapping allowing precise kills without collateral damage. Unknown to M, Dr. Orbuchev modified the nanobots designed to deliver the Heracles virus so that it would also infect anyone related to the intended target, or be programmed to target specific groups of people with common DNA traits. It was initially stolen by Spectre and eventually reached the hands of Safin who planned to industrialize it and put it on the open market. [NTTDm]

HILLMAN IMP – Small rear-engined British economy saloon car. Used by Russian agents in London [WAMTKn]

HMS DRAGON: Royal Navy ship from which the missile strike against Safin’s Poison Garden island was launched. [NTTDm]

HMS SEAWOLF: Royal Navy submarine which Bond served on during the early days of World War 2, prior to being transferred to serve on destroyers [ATTCcb].

HOTEL ALDON – Former five-star luxury hotel in East Berlin known for being the place for movie stars and politicians to stay. Although it survived World War II intact it was partially destroyed by fire in 1945. The remains were still used as a hotel and Bond was posted her prior to his planned mission for Stalaya Rucka [WAMTKn]

HOTEL NATIONAL – A luxury five-star hotel in Moscow where Bond and Katya Leonova stayed, while Bond was being tested as to his allegiance to the Soviet way of life. Bond had previously visited the hotel during his posting to the British Embassy in Moscow as the bar was a known meeting place for journalists, diplomats, businessmen, and anyone else who had information to share [WAMTKn].

HUGHES, NICOLAS – Curator of Rupert Davies’ art collection who went missing after suspicions were raised over the Rothko on display at the Dayton Keen Museum. Was poisoned and then suffocated by Nadya [BIGcb].