Lexicon Updates: – H –

HARLING – Typesetter who taught Vivian Michaels the importance of fonts at the start of her career [SWLMn]

HARRINGTON, DIRECTOR – Head of the National Central Bureau that contacted M after Bond caused the collapse of Gallant Transport and uncovered its illegal trade in secret arms plans [BIGcb].

HELLSWORTH PRISON – Secure facility in the UK where secret service prisoners are held and debriefed [RODAcb].

HMS SEAWOLF: Royal Navy submarine which Bond served on during the early days of World War 2, prior to being transferred to serve on destroyers [ATTCcb].

HUGHES, NICOLAS – Curator of Rupert Davies’ art collection who went missing after suspicions were raised over the Rothko on display at the Dayton Keen Museum. Was poisoned and then suffocated by Nadya [BIGcb].