Lexicon Updates: – I –

IBM SELECTRIC TYPEWRITER – A electric golfball style typewriter used in the senior branches of the British Civil Service. At least one of these had been bugged so that whatever was typed on it was transmitted  to a remote station where messages could be reconstructed [WAMTKn]

ILYUSHIN IL-14 – Russian-built twin-engine utility transport aircraft. Bond flew in one on the final leg of his repatriation to Russia [WAMTKn]

ILYUSHIN IL-18V – Russian-built turboprop airliner. Bond flew on one operated by Inerflug, the East German national airline, from Moscow to East Berlin [WAMTKn]

INSTITUTE, THE – See Ulyanka Factory Kitchen

IVANOV, VADIM – The name of an NKVD officer that was about to be recruited by the British as a spy. The name was given to Bond by Colonel Boris as an alias to use in the meeting with the man he believed to be the Moscow-based British spy-master known as Zephyr [WAMTKn]