Lexicon Updates: – L –

LEDESMA, OSCAR  – (aka The Silencer) Legendary Argentinian assassin who kills for glory as much as money. Likes to practice the traditional quick draw stand-off. Considered it an honor to be facing off against Bond and declared that he would become a legend by killing 007. Confused and thrown off guard when instead of honoring the quick draw stand-off Bond lunged at him and stabbed him with a knife [RODAcb].

LEE, JOHN – (additional information) -while in New York tracking down the last remaining cell of ORU agents, he encountered Bond on a rare night off, and used Bond as bait to draw the agents out into the open [RODAcb].

LEITER, FELIX – (additional information) – Widower, deceased wife’s name was Della. Father of two girls, Cedar and Kelsey [RODAcb].

LEITER, KELSEY – Felix Leiter’s youngest daughter who was targeted for assassination by the killer known as The Silencer. She and Bond had a particularly close relationship and he stepped in to protect her during the evening of her high-school prom [RODAcb].