Lexicon Updates: – M –

M (additional information) – Sir Miles Messervy – Background: Educated at the Nautical College, Pangbourne, and then at HMS Britannia, Dartmouth. During World War I served in the Dardanelles. Rose to the rank of Commander of the battlecruiser HMS Renown, then was appointed director of Naval Intelligence, before becoming a staff office rising to the rank of Admiral. He and his wife, Frances, lost their only son during World War II.  The Admiral was made a Companion of the Order of Bath, and a chevalier of the Legion d’honneur. Turned down the opportunity to become the Fourth Sea Lord in order to serve “other arenas in which he felt he could be of greater use to his country, (i.e. Head of the Secret Service). He had been appointed after his predecessor had been killed in his own office, shot between the eyes with a single bullet.  [WAMTKn]. A few months after Bond’s failed assassination attempt a plan was devised to make it look like Bond had succeeded so the Russians would think he was still under his control. A full fake formal funeral ceremony for M was held as part of the ruse with only a few close associates knowing that he was still alive. [WAMTKn]

M (update): – Gareth Mallory – Funded and controlled the bio-weapon Heracles as an off-the-books project, Was exposed following the attack on the facility by Spectre and confronted by Bond. M was pushed to the edge, drinking heavily, and making poor judgment calls pushing Bond away. Eventually, he began to realize that the responsibility for Heracles has solely his, and reconciled with Bond and the rest of his team. Authorized the raid on Safin’s Poison Garden island and the Royal Navy strike on the island that both destroyed the Heracles production facility and resulted in the death of Bond. [NTTDm]

MAGNETIC GRAVITY FIELD: A device that distributed a series of electro-magnets as it falls. The magnets were paired with similar magnets sewn into combat vests, allowing anyone who was wearing one of the vests to float through the magnetic field rather than falling. [NTTDm]

MAISON DU MURMURE – Auction house in Harlem, New York that is a front for Mr. Big’s forged art and arms trade [BIGcb].

MANDARIN ORIENTAL – Hotel in Paris used by Ernst Stavro Blofeld [AOScb]

MARGARITA – Russian citizen who became an undercover agent for the British Secret Service after her grandson was killed in the November 1956 uprising in Budapest. She positioned herself as the dezhurnaya (concierge, watch-woman) on Bond’s floor at the Hotel Moscow so she could monitor his movements and report them back to Bill Tanner. [WAMTKn]

MASERATI BI TURBO: Car driven by SPECTRE agents that tries to run Bond over on bridge in Matera [NTTDm]

MASSINGER, CHARLES, SIR – Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence. had a low opinion of the Secret Service’s competence, and held a personal dislike of M who he considered to be a loose cannon, headstrong, and unpredictable. [WAMTKn]

MASTERS, MISS – New member of the SIS Armourer’s team, previously worked in corporate defense contracting. Developed Bond’s field kit for tracing art fakes [BIGcb].

MERAKI – A Greek island owned by Blofeld that he considers his home base. Site of the final confrontation in the SPECTRE civil war between troops loyal to Blofeld and those loyal to Titania Jones. The island was destroyed by a series of explosions during which it was believed that Blofeld had perished [AOScb]

MESSERVY, FRANCES, LADY – Wife of Sir Miles Messervy, aka M [WAMTKn]

MOLONY, JAMES, SIR (cont’d) – Neurologist who had won a Nobel Prize for his work on psychometric disorders. On call to the Secret service and trusted by M. Was party to the details of M’s faked death, and helped prepare Bond for returning to Russia undercover [WAMTKn].

MONEYPENNY, MISS – (additional information) – may have been in a romantic relationship with Bond at some point? Kidnapped and forcibly injected with ‘truth serum’ drug during which she told several stories about Bond [RODAcb]. Showed she has some codebreaking skills when she tackled breaking the cipher on some coded SPECTRE documents [AOScb]

MONEYPENNY, EVE (update): Worried about M and the implications of the Heracles project worked with Bond and Q to collect and bring evidence to M about the full implications of its potential. [NTTDm]

MUNDT, ERIK – Third most senior officer of the East German Ministry for State Security, and a member of the group known as Stalnaya Ruka. Aged early fifties with the appearance of a college professor, who carefully deliberated his choice of words before speaking. [WAMTKn]