Lexicon Updates: – O –

O’LEARY, BRENDAN – Member of the group of Irish Nationalists employed by Stalnaya Ruka to free Bond from secret service custody believing him to still be a Russian asset. Was killed by Bond during the escape so he could protect his Secret Service guards [WAMTKn]

OLGETSK – The site of a nuclear disaster in the Kuril Islands that became the location of a secret black site prison where prisoners from around the globe are tortured for intelligence assets. Bond infiltrated the prison to try and rescue 003 [RODAcb].

OLSHEVSKY – Handyman employed by security company owner Harlan Clark at his house. Bond retrieved his fingerprints and used his identity to break into Clark’s house. [AOScb]

OQ 754322: Registration of Madeleine Swann’s Toyota Landcruiser [NTTDm]

ORBUCHEV, VALDO: Former Russian biochemist who defected to the west and ended up working at the Heracles bio-weapon facility, also secretly worked for Safin. He was kidnapped by Spectre during the raid on the Heracles facility and taken to Cuba where he was instructed to program it to attack Bond during a party for Blofeld’s birthday. Instead, he switched it so it attacked the members of Spectre present (with the exception of Primo). In the confusion following the attack, he was captured by Bond and the CIA agent Paloma and flown to a waiting boat for interrogation. Was liberated from Bond and Leiter by turncoat agent Logan Ash, who was also working for Safin. Orbuchev became the head of operations at Safin’s Poison Garden Island where he oversaw both the restoration of the island and the establishment of a manufacturing facility for the Heracles bio-weapon and continued to develop it so that it could be programmed to target specific groups of people with common DNA traits. . Was tracked down and killed by Nomi (007) [NTTDm]

ORLAND: Location of NATO base and airfield in Norway where Bond rendezvoused with Q and took off for the operation against Safin’s Poison Garden island [NTTDm]

OTTO – The undercover agent in charge of the Secret Service safe house in East Berlin who helped plan Bond’s escape [WAMTKn]