Lexicon Updates: – P –

PALAZZO LUCARESCHI: Hotel in Matera, Italy where James Bond and Madeline Swan stayed. [NTTDm]

PALOMA: Young CIA agent in Cuba who told Bond she only had three weeks training. May have been a former escort. Accompanied Bond to the Spectre party and helped, in spectacular style, with the capture and extraction of Dr. Orbuchev from the party. [NTTDm]

PATEL, ANTHONY – Driver of the Gallant Transport truck during the switch of the stolen Rothko painting with a fake replacement while on the way to the Dayton Keen Museum [BIGcb].

PAVEL – One of two KGB agents who meet a representative from the IRA in a mid-channel hot-air balloon meeting as part of an arms trade deal. The meeting is discovered and intercepted by Bond who kills both KGB agents [WCcs].

PEN – Bond often carried a fountain pen with a built-in tracking device. This was apparently known to Mr. Bug who removed it from Bond after his capture. Big kept the pen for three days after Bond allowed him to ‘escape’ which allowed MI6 to track information on all his transactions [BIGcb].

PISTOLET MAKAROV – 9mm pistol used by the Soviet police and military. One was issued to Bond by Colonel Boris for his meeting with the man he believed to be the British spy-master known as Zephyr. Unknown to Bond the pistol only contained blanks [WAMTKn].

PLATONOV, ILYA – The ADC to Colonel Boris, who had been unknowingly brainwashed by the Colonel to throw himself out of a window at the Colonels’ command as a demonstration of his abilities. [WAMTKn]

POISON GARDEN: An island in disputed waters between Japan and Russia and for a time used as a base for as World War 2 chemical plant and for Russian submarines, and at one point a missile launching station. It was later owned by the Safin family where they cultivated dangerous plants to harvest their poisons. Blofeld took it from them to use as a Spectre base, after his death, Lyutsifer Safin reclaimed it and started to transform it into a base for the production of the Heracles bio-weapon. The island was destroyed by a missile bombardment from a Royal Navy ship. [NTTDm]

PRISM – The sign-off name on a coded cable that indicated that it had been personally approved by M [WAMTKn].

PRIMO: (aka Cyclops) Spectre agent who led the attack on Bond at the town of Matera. During their first encounter he whispered to Bond that Madeleine Swann was “a daughter of Spectre” which planted the seeds of doubts in Bond’s mind. It is during this fight that Bond also discovered that he has a prosthetic eye, which led to Bond giving him the mental nickname “Cyclops.” Five years later Primo led the team that attacked the Heracles facility in London and stole the bio-weapon. He was also a prime organizer of the Spectre party in Cuba but wasn’t affected by Obruchev’s re-engineered Heracles attack on the Spectre hierarchy. He was later recruited into Safin’s inner circle by Logan Ash. Primo apparently served as head of security on Safin’s Poison Garden island. In a final fight between them, Bond used the EMP device in his watch to explode Primo’s eye implant, killing him. [NTTDm]

PORSCHE 911 CABRIOLET – Car rented by Bond in Miami when tracking the location of Sarah Richmond. Was destroyed when being chased by the killer known as Kino when Bond deliberately crashed it to cover his and Richmond’s escape [JBHcb].