Lexicon Updates: -Q-

Q (update): Suspicious that M was hiding information around his requests related to Blofeld and the Heracles project worked with Bond and Moneypenny to collect and bring evidence to M about the full implications of its potential. During his return to London Bond stayed at Q’s home. Q organized and personally oversaw the logistics and equipment for Bond and Nomi’s infiltration of Safin’s Poison Garden island and oversaw the operation from a nearby C17 transport aircraft. [NTTDm]

Q.DAR: 3D terrain mapping device designed to give remote handlers a full view of an operational location. Not totally reliable and in practice could be blocked by thick concrete structures. [NTTDm]

QUIGLEY, QUENTIN: The alias used by Q when posing as an Avis car rental employee at Hamburg airport. [TNDm]