Lexicon Updates: – R –

REESE – Former criminal who worked with Brandy Keys on art robbery cases. Know for working through various scenarios to understand how a particular robbery had been committed. Still couldn’t break old habits and known to cheat at cards, and also tended to overreact in stressful situations [BIGcb].

REPORT – A verbal code word used between double-o agents to signify the initiation of coordinated resistance to a threat [RODAcb].

ROGERS-CLARKE, MARY – Employee at the British Honorary Consulate General in Seattle who aimed to sell a NOC list of agents to the Russians. She was targeted to be terminated by Bond on orders from S-branch, but he hesitated when he spotted a child’s seat in her car. Bond later found out that her husband owed a considerable amount of money to the Russians and she was being blackmailed into getting the list. Bond intercepted the sale, shot the Russians and advised Mrs Rogers-Clarke to destroy the NOC list disc, quit her job, and disappear [RODAcb].