Lexicon Updates: – T –

TALOS SUIT – An exoskeleton armor worn by Titania Jones during her attack on Blofeld’s home on the Greek island of Meraki. Bond defeated her by exploiting its one known weakness, that a bright light, such as a flare, can overwhelm the visual receptors. [AOScb]

TANNER, BILL (cont’d) – The Secret Service Chief of Staff and Bond’s closest friend. Was party to the secret of M’s faked death and the plans to return Bond to Russia undercover [WAMTKn]

TANNER, BILL (update): After learning about Bond’s return accompanied Bond to Belmarsh prison to interrogate Blofeld, and was witness to Bond’s attack on Blofeld that left him dead. During the operations on Safin’s Poison Garden island Tanner co-ordinated communications with the Japanese and Russian agencies as well as other interested parties and tried to prevent the operation escalating into an international incident [NTTDm]

TAYLOR, JOANNIE – (aka Nan). A former ballerina turned office cleaner who while working in M’s office inadvertently presses a special button that summons James Bond to report in on-screen from a secure location. She then proceeds to scold him about the consequences of his lifestyle and missions. [CRS21tv]

THE TRAVELLER’S TREE – Book by Patrick Leigh Fermor on the Caribbean islands that Bond studied extensively, and from which he learned about various aspects of the voodoo cult, prior to his trip to Jamacia to confront Mr. Big [LALDn]

TOOTHPICK HOLDER – Used to analyze paint from suspected art pieces. A sample was scraped from a painting using a toothpick and the holder would upload chemical information, chromatography results etc. [BIGcb].

TOYOTA LANDCRUSIER: (Registration OQ 754322) Madeleine Swann’s off-road SUV kept at her house in Norway and used by her and Bond to escape from Safin’s thugs. [NTTDm]

TRABANT UNIVERSAL – An East German built utility three-door station wagon. One was used by Bond’s KGB minders to transport him around East Berlin [WAMTKn]

TRAWLER: The CIA used an old fishing trawler anchored in international waters as the location to debrief Dr. Obruchev after Bond had extracted him from Cuba. The trawler was sunk by turn-coat agent Logan Ash with a limpet mine after he had taken Obruchev, believing that in the process he had also killed Bond. [NTTDm]

TRIPLE-X – A machine used by the Secret Service for decoding messages sent by cable [WAMTKn].

TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER – Type of motorcycle ridden by Cyclops and later Bond in Matera. Coincidentally three more Scramblers were used by Safin’s men to peruse Bond and Madeleine Swann in the Norwegian forest several years later [NTTDm]

TURGENEV, IGOR – Member of the Russian brotherhood responsible for the murder of five British diplomats and two MI6 and CIA agents. Tracked by Bond to Antibes, France, and intercepted. His presence was also known to CIA agent Craft who manipulated Bond into disabling Turgenev before her CIA team took him into custody [RODAcb].