Lexicon Updates: – T –

TAYLOR, JOANNIE – (aka Nan). A former ballerina turned office cleaner who while working in M’s office inadvertently presses a special button that summons James Bond to report in on-screen from a secure location. She then proceeds to scold him about the consequences of his lifestyle and missions. [CRS21tv]

TOOTHPICK HOLDER – Used to analyze paint from suspected art pieces. A sample was scraped from a painting using a toothpick and the holder would upload chemical information, chromatography results etc. [BIGcb].

TURGENEV, IGOR – Member of Russian brotherhood responsible for the murder of five British diplomats and two MI6 and CIA agents. Tracked by Bond to Antibes, France and intercepted. His presence was also know to CIA agent Craft who manipulated Bond into disabling Turgenev before her CIA team took him into custody [RODAcb].