Lexicon Updates: – W –

WAKEMAN, JOHN – Alias as a member of the British Embassy staff used by Bond to gain admittance to a charity gala in Washington DC thrown by Titania Jones [AOScb]

WATERGATE HOTEL – Hotel in Washington D.C. used by Bond [AOScb]

WHITE, MR (additional information): Told his daughter that he was a Doctor to hide the truth of his professional activities from her. [NTTDm]

WHITE ROSE – A boat belonging to a group of drug dealers that were friends of Sarah Richmond. Was used by Bond and Richmond to escape from Miami [JBHcb].

WILHELM, RICHARD – Billionaire financier infamous for sex-trafficking underage children to his secret island in the South Pacific where he held elite hedonistic parties for highly influential people. Was eventually arrested and placed in Belmarsh prison awaiting trial. While in prison was assassinated by the killer known as Kino before he could testify and implicate anyone else [JBHcb].

WILSON, SELINA – The senior civil service secretary whose job it was to type out detailed instructions for the transfer of prisoners charged with state offences. Unknown to her the electric typewriter she used had been bugged allowing others to track planned prisoner movements [WAMTKn]

WINSTONE – Former SPECTRE agent tracked down and confronted by Bond on the cross-channel ferry. Killed after leaping overboard and being pushed back into the propellers after firing his gun underwater at Bond. Was carrying a briefcase of coded SPECTRE documents [AOScb]

WOLSELEY 6/99 – Type of saloon car used by the Special Branch officers who were escorting Bond, who they believed to be a Russian asset, to court when they were attacked [WAMTKn]

WRISTWATCH – MI6 modified watch issued to Bond. had standard bulletproof material on the casing. When the face was rotated it took X-Ray photographs. Was used by Bond to scan artwork for hidden blueprints [BIGcb].