Movie Series (EON productions)

Dr. No. (1962) – British secret service agent, James Bond 007 is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of station chief John Strangways and his secretary. Various clues lead Bond to suspect the involvement of the mysterious Dr. No who operates from the nearby island of Crab Key and seems to govern through a cult of fear. On the island Bond meets shell diver Honey Rider. The two are captured and Bond encounters Dr. No and learns he is an agent of SPECTRE using the island as cover to run a high-tech operation to interfere with American rocket launches. Bond escapes and in a hand to hand battle kills Dr. No and sets off a chain reaction that destroys the base [DRNOm].Podcasts: Movie review | Ranking The Bonds |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
From Russia With Love (1963) – SPECTRE devise a plan to revenge themselves against Bond for the death of Dr. No while simultaneously setting the British and Russian Secret Services against each other. Using the fact that the defection of senior Russian officer Rosa Klebb to SPECTRE has been kept a secret, they recruit an attractive Russian cipher clerk, Tatania Romanov, to suggest that she will defect to the British and bring a Lektor decoder with her; but only if Bond goes to Turkey to personally help her defect. Knowing it’s a trap, Bond works with Kerim Bey, head of Station T, Turkey, to organize the defection. On the Orient Express he comes face to face with SPECTRE assassin, Red Grant and the two are involved in a brutal fight, which Bond eventually wins. Believing they are safe Bond and Titania journey to Venice only to finally be confronted by Klebb [FRWLm]. – Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Goldfinger  (1964) – While recuperating in Miami, Bond is asked to observe the activities of Auric Goldfinger, and uncovers the fact that he is a cheat. Goldfinger kills his former assistant in Bond’s bedroom by covering her all over with gold paint. Back in the UK Goldfinger’s name comes up in association with a possible gold smuggling operation. Bond maneuvers himself to cross paths with Goldfinger and then trails him to Switzerland where he uncovers the gold smuggling process and a connection between Goldfinger and the Chinese. After being captured Bond is taken to Goldfinger’s property in the United States, where he learns of Goldfinger’s plans to detonate a nuclear device in the Fort Knox gold depository thereby destroying the US economy and tripling the value of his own gold holdings. With the help of Goldfinger’s personal pilot, Pussy Galore, Bond smuggles out a message to the CIA and manages to foil the plot [GFm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Thunderball (1965) – After SPECTRE hijack an military flight carrying atomic bombs, Bind realizes that strange activity he witnessed while attending the Shrublands Health Clinic may be connected to the case. He follows a lead to Bahamas were he encounters Emil Largo who Bond is convinced is a member of SPECTRE. Working with the CIA Bond finds the missing plane, but without the bombs onboard. Infiltrating Largo’s team of divers, Bond locates the bombs and arranges for an assault team to intercept Largo when he moves the bombs [TBm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
You Only Live Twice (1967) – American and Russian space flights are being snatched from orbit, bringing the two super-powers to the brink of war. The British believe that the mysterious enemy spacecraft is being launched from Japan and Bond is sent to investigate. Working with the Japanese secret service, Bond uncovers a SPECTRE base hidden in a volcano. Bond also comes face to face with Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE for the first time. In a final attack on the base by Japanese secret service ninjas Blofeld escapes, but the base is destroyed saving the space program [YOLTm]. – Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service  (1969) – After saving the life of the Contessa di Vicenzo, Bond uses the connections of her father, Marc Ange-Draco, Head of the Union Corse crime syndicate, to trace Blofeld to a research institute in the Swiss Alps. After infiltrating the institute Bond discovers that Blofeld is brainwashing his patients to deliver biological weapons. Bond escapes with the help of Tracy di Vicenzo, who he proposes to, but she is captured by Blofeld and held at the institute. Bond and Draco organize an attack on the institute during which they rescue Tracy, but after a chase the injured Blofeld escapes. Bond and Tracy are married, but she is murdered on their wedding day in a drive-by shooting by Blofeld and his assistant Irma Blunt [OHMSSm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) – Desperate for revenge against Blofeld, Bond follows various clues and leads around the world until he comes face to face with his nemesis who has changed his appearance and is preparing a series of duplicates. Bond confronts and kills who he believes to be the real Blofeld. Returning to the service Bond is assigned to investigate a case of diamond smuggling by following the smugglers pipeline. His guide along the pipeline, that leads to Las Vegas, is attractive smuggler Tiffany Case. In Vegas they discover that the diamonds are being used to build a satellite laser weapon designed to destroy targets on the ground. Heading the project is Blofeld, under the cover of the organization owned by reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte. Bond rescues Whyte and the two attack Blofeld’s command center on an oil-rig off the coast of California. Although apparently trapped on the burning rig, Blofeld’s fate is uncertain [DAFm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Live and Let Die (1973) – After three agents are killed within the space of twenty-four hours, Bond is assigned to investigate. Starting off in New York various clues lead him to the island nation of San Monique, and the connection between its Prime Minister and New York drug dealer Mr. Big. On the island Bond seduces Kanaga’s soothsayer Solitaire and discovers acres of poppy fields, plus uncovering the fact that Kananga and Mr. Big are in fact the same person. After being captured and escaping Bond returns to the island, rescues Solitaire, destroys the poppy fields, and kills Kananga [LALDm]. Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) –  When the Secret Service receives a golden bullet engraved with Bond’s 007 number, M pulls him off the case he is currently working on, the disappearance of a solar energy scientist. The golden bullet is the known calling card of the assassin Scaramanga, and Bond sets out to track him down. He traces Scramanaga to Hong Kong where he is surprised to find out that the assassin’s real target was the missing solar scientist. After Scaramanga escapes Bond finds out that the bullet was sent by Scaramanga’s aide, Miss Anders, who wants Bond to kill him. The trail eventually leads to Scaramanga’s private island where he and Bond engage in a duel [MGGm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – The disappearance of British and Soviet nuclear submarines results in Bond being assigned to work alongside KGB agent Major Anya Amasova to resolve the case. They discover that the man responsible is marine tycoon Karl Stromberg who wants to destroy the surface world and restart civilization under the sea. Bond teams up with the crews of the captured submarines to thwart Stromberg’s plans and destroy his ocean going headquarters [SWLMm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Moonraker (1979) – After a space shuttle on loan to the British government is stolen, Bond’s investigations brings him into the circle of the shuttle manufacturer Hugo Drax. Bond discovers that Drax is manufacturing a strain of nerve gas with which he plans to cleanse the earth and repopulate it with a race of perfect humans who will be protected in an orbital space station. Bond along shuttle pilot and CIA agent Dr. Holly Goodhead, blast off to the space station and disable its cloaking system allowing it to be attacked by US space marines. During the battle, Bond kills Drax and the space station is destroyed [MOONm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
For Your Eyes Only (1981) – When marine archaeologist Sir Timothy Havelock and his wife are murdered trying to recover a lost submarine tracking system from deep waters near Greece, their daughter vows revenge. He path crosses that of Bond who has been tasked with finding out who is behind the attack. Leads lead to Greek businessman and patriot Kristatos who tells Bond that the attack is the work of men working for the Greek smuggler, Columbo. In fact it is the other way around and Columbo wins Bond’s trust and includes him in an attack on Kristatos’s warehouse where Bond faces discovers diving equipment. He an Melina Havelock race to recover the sunken tracking device but are intercepted and captured by Kristatos. With Columbo’s help Bond leads a small team to Kristatos’s mountain top retreat where he destroys the device so that it can’t be handed over to the KGB [FYEOm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Octopussy (1983) – The murder of 009 leads uncovers a conspiracy between warmongering Russian General Orlov and Afhan prince Kamal Khan to use proceeds from stolen Russian Imperial crown jewels to fund a possible war. Khan has been using the traveling circus of the mysterious woman known only as Octopussy to smuggle the jewels around Europe, but she is unaware of his and Orlov’s plans to use the circus to smuggle an atomic bomb onto an American airforce base in Germany hoping that its detonation will cause the German government to make the US forces leave thereby leaving the border undefended. Bond discovers the plot and manages to defuse the device with seconds to spare. The plot foiled he and Octopussy join forces in an attack on Kamal’s palace [OPm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
A View to a Kill (1985)  – After recovering a stolen microchip from Russian hands, Bond’s investigations lead him to industrialist Max Zorin, and ex-KGB sleeper agent gone rogue. Zorin plans to destroy Silicon Valley thereby placing himself as the monopoly supplier of micro-chips. Bond manages to stop Zorin’s plan and eventually kills Zorin after a climatic battle on top of the Golden Gate bridge [AVTAKm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
The Living Daylights (1987) – Bond is tricked into helping with the staged defection of KGB office General Koskov. It turns out that Koskov is actually in league with arms dealer, Brad Whitaker and the two are running a scheme to use diamonds stolen from the KGB to purchase drugs. When they try and trick Bond again, this time into assassinating the head of the KGB, their plan starts to come unraveled culminating in Bond destroying the drug shipment, and killing Whitaker, while Koskov is taken into custody by his former KGB colleagues [TLDm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Licence to Kill (1989) – When Felix Lieter is maimed, and his new wife killed, by drug lord Franz Sanchez, Bond goes on a mission of personal vendetta to seek vengeance for his friends. Disavowed by M, Bond infiltrates Snachez’s operations and then destroys them from the inside [LTKm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
GoldenEye (1995) – After a Russian satellite tracking station s destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse, Bond heads to Russia to investigate. He is stunned to find that the head of the criminal Janus syndicate behind the attack is former agent 006, and close friend Alec Trevelyn, who he believed had been killed on a mission nine years previously. Bond tracks the Janus team to Cuba where he discovers that Trevelyn plans to use a second EMP weapon to attack London. After a brutal personal fight Trevelyn in killed and Bond destroys the control station [GEYEm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) – The secret service becomes suspicious of media mogul Elliot Carver when his newspaper’s print information before they should know about it. Bond’s investigations uncover that Carver is manipulating tensions in the South China Sea with the intention of sparking a war between Britain and China for media ratings. Bond and Chinese agent, Wai Lin, discover Carver’s stealth ship, board it, and make it a target for both the British and Chinese fleets who destroy it [TNDm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
The World Is Not Enough (1999) – When industrialist Robert King is assassinated while inside MI6 headquarters M assigns Bond to guard his daughter, Elektra who she believes is being targeted by the terrorist known as Renard. In fact it is Elektra who is guiding Reneard’s actions. She plans to explode a nuclear submarine in Istanbul harbor to drive the west to abandon their oil pipelines and use the King pipeline instead. Bond discovers the plan, rescues M, who King has kidnapped, and stops Renard from triggering the explosion on the submarine [TWINEm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Die Another Day  (2002) –  Bond is captured after he is believed to have killed corrupt North Korean Colonel Moon. After being held and tortured for over a year he is suddenly released in exchange for the terrorist Zao, an associate of Moon’s. Bond is believed to have been broken and is know considered compromised and useless as an agent. To prove his worth he goes after Zao and the trail leads him to rising British billionaire and media-darling Gustav Graves. It turns out that Graves is in fact Moon who has undergone a radical gene therapy to alter his appearance and mannerisms. Graves/Moon plans to use a newly developed satellite weapon to reunite Korea through force. Forcing his way on to Graves’ command aircraft, Bond destroys the weapon control and kills Graves [DADm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Casino Royale (2006) – After foiling an attempt to destroy a new airline, Bond is sent to confront the man behind the plot, Le Chiffre, known as the man who finances most of the world’s terrorist activities. Their battle field is across the table at a high-stakes poker game. After Bond beats Le Chiffre he and his companion, treasury agent Vesper Lynd, are kidnapped and tortured, but Bond is rescued when a mysterious Mr. White arrives and kills Le Chiffre for playing fast and lose with his organizations funds. During his recuperation Bond falls in love with Lynd and the two set off on a extended vacation. Lynd eventually leaves clues that allow Bond to discover that she is in thrall to White’s organization. She later commits suicide, and Bond finds and captures White [CR06m].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Quantum of Solace (2008) – During interrogation, the mysterious Mr. White boasts about the extent of his organization, Quantum, just before M’s bodyguard is revealed as a member and attacks M allowing White to escape. Bond’s investigations into Quantum lead him to environmental industrialist Dominic Green who is planning on backing a military coup in exchange for securing a monopoly on the water rights in Bolivia. After exposing the leading members of Quantum and destroying Greene and his plans, Bond traces and confronts the Quantum agent who lured Vesper Lynd into the organization’s trap [QOSm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
Skyfall (2012) –  After an operation in Istanbul ends in disaster, Bond is missing and presumed to be dead. In the aftermath, questions are raised over M’s ability to run the Secret Service, and she becomes the subject of a government review over her handling of the situation. The Service itself is attacked, prompting Bond’s return to London. His presence assists MI6’s investigation in uncovering a lead, and Bond is sent to Shanghai and Macau in pursuit of a mercenary named Patrice. There, he establishes a connection to Raoul Silva, a former MI6 agent who was captured and tortured by Chinese agents. Blaming M for his imprisonment, he sets in motion a plan to ruin her reputation before murdering her. Bond saves M and attempts to lure Silva into a trap, and while he is successful in repelling Silva’s assault, M is mortally wounded. Bond returns to active duty under the command of the new M, Gareth Mallory [SKYFm].Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
SPECTRE (2015) – A mysterious message from the former M puts Bond on the trail of a mysterious organization that has been manipulating both the criminal world, and the intelligence agencies around the world. His investigations reveal treachery within the halls of British Intelligence and a deep personal connection to the man behind it all, Ernst Stavro Blofeld [SPECm]Podcasts: Movie review |Soundtrack review | Rookie Agents
NO TIME TO DIE (2021) – A retired James Bond is called back into action when an MI6-developed bio-weapon falls into the wrong hands. Accompanied by a new agent and old allies Bond must face both his past and an uncertain future in a climactic battle. Podcasts: Movie review | Soundtrack review |