Raymond Benson (1997 – 2002)

Blast From The Past (1997) (short) -A note from his son, James Suzuki, brings Bond to New York where he faces tragedy and falls into the hands of an old enemy. [BFTPss]
Zero Minus Ten (1997) – Bond is sent to Hong Kong to investigate a series of mysterious deaths linked to a Hong Kong based company that is owned by an old British family. His investigations uncover a plot by the deranged CEO, Guy Thackery, to explode a nuclear device in Hong Kong harbor to derail the hand over of the former British colony to the Chinese. [ZMTn]

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) – Movie novelization – see movie listing for plot summary. [TNDmn]
The Facts of Death (1998) – Bond is assigned to investigate the apparent murder of the UK’s Goodwill Ambassador, Alfred Hutchinson a delicate assignment due to Hutchinson being in an intimate relationship with M. Bond’s investigations link Hutchinson to an organization known as the Decada, that has released a bio-chemical weapon and is also bent of causing a war between Greece and Turkey. [FODn]
Midsummer Night’s Doom (1999) (short) – Bond is sent undercover to a party at the Playboy Mansion with orders to uncover a spy who is buying leaked military secrets. [MNDss]
High Time To Kill (1999) – After a tourist plane carrying a US Senator and a British MP crashes into the higher slopes of Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world,  a government funded recovery mission is set up to climb the mountain. Bond is assigned to the climb team, whose real mission is to enable him to recover a microdot of military secrets, stolen by the criminal organization known as The Union, that was also on the flight. [HTTKm]
Live At Five (1999) (short)  – Bond provides the distraction for a Russian Olympic skater to defect, and in the process catches the eye of a local TV reporter. [LAFss]

The World Is Not Enough (1999) – Movie novelization – see movie listing for plot summary. [TWINEmn]
Double Shot (2000) – The Union vows revenge on James Bond and sets out to destroy him and his reputation. They frame him for a series of murders, then replace him with a double so it will appear that Bond has gone rogue, joined The Union, all leading up to “Bond” assassinating the British and Spanish Prime Ministers, thereby embarrassing the British Secret Service and destroying Bond’s life and career. Bond eventually works out what is happening, and replaces his own double and turns the tables on The Union. [DSHOTn]
Never Dream Of Dying (2001) – Bond is assigned to work with the French RAID organization and his old friend Mathis on an attack on suspected Union operatives at a French movie studio. The set-up is a trap and the attack is a failure. Later several incidents point to an increase in Union activity that connect to the studios owner Leon Essinger. Bond is sent to investigate and falls for Essinger’s estranged wife Tylyn Mignonne. Events lead to Corsica and a show down for Bond with Le Gerant, head of The Union. [NDODn]
The Man With The Red Tattoo (2002) – Bond is sent to Japan at the personal request of the British Prime Minister to provide security for a planned G8 Summit in the country. While in Japan he is asked to investigate the mysterious deaths of a Japanese family headed by a Scottish businessman. This leads him to uncover a plot by terrorist Goro Yoshida to attack the G8 Summit with weaponized mosquitoes aiming to kill several heads of state. Bond is also reunited with his old friend Tiger Tanaka who presents him with a gold katana samurai sword, with which Bond faces Yoshida in a final duel. Following his defeat by Bond, Yoshida commits ritual suicide. [MWRTn]

Die Another Day (2002) – Movie novelization – see movie listing for plot summary. [DADmn]

We were honored to have Raymond Benson co-host our first 8 Bond Music-101 episodes on Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast. You can find them, along with an interview with Raymond, by clicking HERE.