Bond Music: Six of the Best plays its cards at Casino Royale

In the latest Bond Music; Six of the Best episode we move on to the Daniel Craig era as Jarrod and Alan discuss David Arnold’s score for CASINO ROYALE. David Arnold slows things down for a this reboot of the franchise. Is it too slow? Does it need more Barry? Is it just Barry enough? — Tune in & find out!

OHMS Pod visits Casino Royale – Twice

Whether parachuting alongside Native Americans into a casino, playing their heavenly harps, or hanging out with “Jimmy Bond,” Alan and Van are having an… interesting… time discussing the 1954 and 1967 productions of CASINO ROYALE in the latest OHMS Podcast movie review episode.

Tune in and listen HERE.

Bond Music 101 Swings To The Sounds of Casino Royale ’67

If you enjoy the swinging sounds of the sixties, check out something a little different on the latest edition of our Bond Music 101 podcast as we discuss the groovy soundtrack to the far-out craziness of the 1967 version of Casino Royale.