Another Agent Goes Rogue

After multiple guest appearances, Alan officially joined Jarrod, Jason, Delvin, and Pat as a fully-fledged member of the Rogue Agents show on the On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast network. For his first assignment, the Rogue Agents listened to and discussed the BBC Radio adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Live and Let Die. So what did the crew make of Bond on the radio? You can find out by clicking HERE

Bond Music podcast looks at “Six of the Best” from Live and Let Die.

The first episode of the rebooted OHMS Podcast Bond Music show, now titled: 6 of the Best is online. Join co-hosts Alan J. Porter (from the James Bond Lexicon project) & Jarrod Alberich, The Yard Sale Artist, through the history of the James Bond film soundtracks. This episode’s session is all about LIVE AND LET DIE. Alan has the lead on this episode where the lads will provide factoids and discussion on the main title song, 6 of their favorite tracks (hence the title of the podcast), and a bonus remix!What does Alan do before he even unpacks his clothes on a business trip? Which one of these guys has once owned a bass guitar? Is Alan really sorry when he apologizes to Jarrod? Tune in & find out!