The Rogue Agents Tackle Moonraker

The On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast team recently reconvened to tackle the BBC Radio adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Moonraker. How does it stack up against the novel? Who was our favorite voice actor? How upset was Delvin that Bond didn’t get the girl? You can find out the answer to these, and other insightful questions by clicking HERE to listen.

Bond Music: Six of the Best reviews Moonraker (with a special guest).

This time around co-hosts Alan J. Porter & Jarrod Alberich, are joined by a special co-host on loan from “The 00 Files” podcast – Don Zuiderman!

This episode’s session is all about MOONRAKER. Jarrod has the lead on this episode – but he kindly handed his picks over to Don – the lads will provide factoids and discussion on the main title song, 6 of their favorite tracks (hence the title of the podcast), and a bonus remix…maybe more! 

Have we finally found the shortest 007 soundtrack? Will we get the definition behind the meaning of “six of the best?” Maybe even the definition of what a “moonraker” is?

Tune in & find out!