Young Bond (1967 – 2017)

“R.D. Mascott”

003 1/2 The Adventures of James Bond Jr. (1967) – While home on vacation from boarding school, young James Bond, the namesake nephew of the famous secret agent, discovers that the local manor house is being used as a hideout by a gang of bullion thieves. [003n]

Charlie Higson (2005 – 2008 )

Silverfin (2005): Bond starts at Eton and feels out of his depth. During his Easter holiday he stays with his aunt and uncle in Scotland and discovers that a fellow Etonian’s father owns the Castle close his uncle’s house. The Castle has been completely renovated and no local people are employed there plus a local boy has gone missing. Bond decides to investigate along with the boy’s cousin. They discover that the castle is being used by Lord Hellebore to develop a serum to create superhuman soldiers. They have been experimenting on pigs and eels but need human subjects to test. Bond is captured and injected with the serum, which makes him strong and helps him destroy the lab and escape. He is very sick after and nearly dies. [YB1n]

Blood Fever (2006): As Bond’s Aunt is away for the summer he joins a school trip to Sardinia with plans to stay with his Uncle who has a villa on the island. At Eton Bond has heard odd things regarding the Millenaria. His uncles villa is robbed of all its paintings while Bond is there but his uncle is absent at a carnival held by Count Ugo, Bond travels there to tell his uncle about the robbery and discovers that the Count has been organizing robberies to restart the Millenaria with him as their leader and to decorate his Palazzo, he is broke and stops paying the men stealing for him causing problems. One decides to demolish the dam above the palazzo, which destroys the house. Bond is involved in rescuing the sister of a schoolmate who was kidnapped when pirates robbed and killed her father. [YB2n]

Double Or Die (2007): Bond gets involved in solving a cryptic letter from an Eton tutor. The Russians have kidnapped him to create one of the first computers to use for codes and code breaking. Bond discovers the truth and rescues the tutor and ruins the machine. [YB3n]

Hurricane Gold (2007) – While Bond is traveling with his aunt in Mexico recovering from injuries sustained in his last adventure a storm disrupts many plans. Bond’s aunt flies off to beat the storm leaving Bond with the family of a friend. The friend’s house is burgled for Naval plans supposedly in the safe. In the absence of the father the gang decide kidnap his children, Bond tries to stop them and ends up impersonating a young Mexican thief so stay close to the children while the gang try to make their way to civilization. The lead from the gang escapes to an Island for thieves and Bond and Precious follow her trying to retrieve the plans and have to be successful in negotiating deadly traps to be allowed to leave, they succeed and leave with the plans. [YB4n]

A Hard Man To Kill (2009) (short story): Bond and his Aunt Charmain are traveling home on the French passenger ship Colombie, which is also carrying Caiboche, a violent Frenchman, back to France for trial. Part of the crew and passengers are Caiboche’s men and have a plan to free him but Bond overhears and stops them with the help of Wilder Lawless and Rene Mathis, a young officer guarding Caiboche. Caiboche escapes over the ship and looks to be rescued by the submarine sent to pick him up. [YBss]

By Royal Command (2008): While Bond is settling back in with his school friends on a skiing trip he visits a friend at the hospital and blunders into a room where two men are wrapped in bandages. One is Dr. Perseus Friend from the Silverfin Project. Friend is impersonating an Austrian Count while planning the assassination of King George for the Nazis while making it look like a Communist plot, he requests that Bond is made to look like a traitor and die in the process. Bond stops the plot and finds his tutor is a spy who asks him to work with him. [YB5n]

Steven Cole (2014 – 2017)

Shoot To Kill (2014): Anton Kostler is trying to take over the world with blackmail and torture to control the movies shown at all movie theaters then he will move onto politicians. Desperate to regain control of a reel of film showing the torture and killings his men carried out in Europe, it was stolen by Dan Sloman a pupil at Dartington Hall, a school where James Bond will spend the summer. [YB6n]

Heads You Die (2016): Bond travels to Cuba on holiday which turns into a nightmare mission to save an old friend from a villain who has perfected 1,000 ways to kill. With corrupt cops and hired assassins hot on his heels, Bond must travel through Havana and brave Caribbean waters to stop a countdown to mass murder. [YB7n]

Strike Lightning (2016): While Bond is at Fettes College in Scotland, his father’s school. When James stumbles upon a horrific sight, he knows things are not what they seem. His school is determined to make him believe what happened was an accident, but James believes what he saw was murder. The significance of the events at school only come to light in the course of an adventure that takes James across Europe and puts him within range of a warmongering villain. Has James got what it takes to triumph over this man, the worst kind of enemy, who boasts a new kind of weapon? [YB8n]

Red Nemesis (2017): James receives a package with a message from beyond the grave. The package’s mysterious contents put James at the heart of a long-running plot that, if it runs its course, will paint London’s streets red with blood. Not only will James have to fight to stay alive and save the country he loves, but to clear the Bond family name, which he holds so dear. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and James doesn’t know who he can trust . [YB9n]